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1. Submit Your Book. Fill out the promo submission form by clicking one of the links below.

2. Editorial Review.  Our editors will review your book to ensure it meets our editorial guidelines (see below).

3. Confirmation Email.  Once confirmed you will receive an email securing your promo date.  If, for some reason there is a concern that needs to be addressed we’ll be in contact well before your promo date.

4. Sit Back And Relax. Once your promotion goes out, it will be sent to our email list, posted to the featured books on our home page then sent to our Facebook page and boosted to a custom built romance audience.


Promo IncludesPromotion PriceEditorial Guidelines
Your book sent to our list (4000+ readers), featured on the homepage, posted to Facebook and then boosted.$15
» 60+ Pages
» 3+ Stars & 3+ Reviews
» Must Pass Editorial Review
» Professional Cover & Editing
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