Why Choose the Bodyguards

Why Choose the Bodyguards by Sylvie Haas


I'm single. I'm pregnant. I'm a virgin.

For every cautionary statement, there’s a poor soul serving as the example. For instance, you can get knocked up the first time you have sex. I’m sure there are a lot of examples so let’s skip ahead.

You can get pregnant without penetration. Seriously! I did. And no, I’m not lying.

But I am on a mission. With the 9-month clock ticking away, the Sugar D’s Speed Dating event fills me with hope that I can find a decent guy who’s willing to have some fun and help me lose my virginity before I give birth.

The problem is that none of the speed dating prospects give me tingles. After my boyfriend skipped out on me, my bar is pretty low, but I’m insisting on tingles.

I should have listed that on the application.

Just as I’m losing hope, three security guards walk in, focus their possessive gazes on me, and head straight to my table. They don’t look happy. But they do give me tingles…lots of them.

If I didn’t already do something wrong, I’m about to!

If you love dirty-talking men who have over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman and want to give her babies, you’ll want to grab a seat at Sugar D’s Speed Dating! There’s enough lust, love, and donuts for everyone!