Waves of Change: A Later-in-Life, Second Chance Romance (Shores of Sunset Cove)
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Waves of Change: A Later-in-Life, Second Chance Romance (Shores of Sunset Cove) by Kel Summers

When the past knocks on the door of her new life, will Alice walk backwards or stride forward? After 20 years of marriage, Alice's life is shattered when her husband, Bradley, leaves her for a younger woman. Struggling with the pain of divorce and the fear of starting over alone, she moves to Sunset Cove, Florida, with her daughter Hannah, to embark on a new life. As Hannah prepares for college, Alice lands a job at Sullivan Solutions, a local marketing firm owned by the handsome and charming Jon Sullivan. Amidst the soothing waves and the golden sands of the beach, Alice's relationship with Jon blossoms from friendship to romance, offering her a glimmer of hope for a new beginning. But just as Alice starts to embrace her new life, her past comes knocking at her door. Bradley, filled with regret and professing his undying love, wants her back. Caught between her old love and a promising new one, Alice stands at the crossroads of a crucial decision. Will she choose the man she’s loved over half her life, who broke her heart but wants a second chance, or will she choose her newfound love and the possibility of a brighter future? Waves of Change is a moving tale of resilience, love, and second chances. It's about a woman's journey of self-discovery and healing, set against the backdrop of a charming beach town. Will Alice cling to her past or take a leap of faith into an uncertain future? This heartwarming beach romance explores the healing power of love and the strength of a woman reinventing her life when everything she's known is turned upside down. Follow Alice's journey in this compelling story that will leave you believing in the magic of second chances.