Vivid Dreams of my Best Friend’s Sister

Vivid Dreams of my Best Friend’s Sister by Serenity Raine

Hindsight is 50/50.  Divorced, lonely and on the longest dry spell of my life. BAM! Ava walks back into my life, where the hell has she been.     Returning to town, I anticipated running into Ezra.     It only took hours before we were face to face.    His warm hug seemed innocent but I needed his arms around me.    The man was hard to miss.  Epitome of tall dark and handsome. Ezra is a sports fanatic, booming business owner, muscular and coaches youth sports.    Total eye candy for those bench moms.   It takes two to tango, it felt as if we were in complete sync with each other.   “Ava, you’re my best friend’s sister, your curves shouldn’t intoxicate me like they do.”   Every move he made was precise, delicate, and sensual with a hint of dominance.    As if he had been practicing this in his dreams…