Vision of a Highlander
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Vision of a Highlander by Katy Baker

A modern woman desperate for answers. A highland warrior running from his past. Could they be each other’s future? Abigail Fenton thinks she’s got life figured out. Successful career, chic apartment, more money than she can spend. So why does she feel so hollow? Why can she not enjoy everything she’s achieved? When, on an unexpected trip to the Highlands of Scotland, she steps through an arch and finds herself catapulted into medieval Scotland – and into the hands of a ruthless warlord, all she wants is find a way home to her comfortable life. But how can she do that when she has no clue where to start? And especially when her brutal captor begins to stir feelings in her she most definitely should not be feeling? Reid Campbell is a man on a mission. Driven, focused, he’s determined to defeat his hated enemy and take back the birth right he was denied. He knows of his dark reputation. He knows what people whisper about him. He doesn’t care. All that matters is achieving his goal. But when he takes a beautiful stranger captive, he suddenly begins to question everything he thought he believed. She makes him feel things he shouldn’t feel. She makes him think things he shouldn’t think. She makes him wonder whether the path he’s on is the right one after all. The question is, is it too late to change? Or can they forge a different future and in so doing, heal the hollowness in each other’s hearts? Vision of a Highlander is the nineteenth book in the Arch Through Time time travel romance series. It can be read as a standalone novel. If you love hot highlanders, fierce heroines and burning passion you’ll love this tale of redemption and true love in the Highlands of Scotland. Grab a copy now!