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Virtuous by Marie Force


My ferocious little beast of a dog just bit the biggest movie star in the world…

I’m an innocent, wounded teacher, and he’s… Flynn FREAKING Godfrey!

I wish he wasn’t so besotted with me because I’ve sworn off the one thing he probably wants most…

However, I quickly discover he’s so much more than he first appears to be, and before long, he’d give up everything for me.

The relentless paparazzi that pursues him threaten to blow up my carefully constructed new life, but that’s the least of our problems after I learn the huge secret he’s kept from me.

Flynn would do anything to protect me—and us—but would he kill for me?

Virtuous, Valorous and Victorious are a trilogy, with cliffhanger endings in Virtuous and Valorous. Books 4-7 in the series are all standalone stories with NO cliffhangers. :-)