Virtuous: The Galeia Family
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Virtuous: The Galeia Family by Roelle Denning


Family comes first, no matter what.

That’s the one rule Nico Galeia will never break. But when a gorgeous violinist catches his eye, Nico has a difficult time keeping his priorities straight. There’s absolutely no doubt in his mind that Toby is too innocent to get involved with a member of a crime family, but staying away from the intriguing musician is simply not an option. Instead, Nico decides to hide that part of his life from his lover, knowing their relationship isn’t meant to last. Still, the inevitable confrontation comes far too soon and Toby’s rejection hits Nico harder than expected.

When a threat from Toby’s past rears its ugly head, he seeks help from the only man who can keep him safe. Even though Nico hasn’t forgotten the disrespectful words Toby spat out the day they parted ways, the violinist’s pleading gaze is all the motivation Nico needs to offer him protection. Because Toby is his and no one touches what belongs to a Galeia.

This steamy M/M romance promises an HEA/HFN.

Contains mature themes.