Veiled Destiny

Veiled Destiny by Gia Cobie

Can Ivy overcome her dark secret and a sinister plot to find love with her human savior?

IVY When I came to New York City, I was sure I’d find everything I’d been dreaming about. A good education, a great job, and a better life than I’d left behind. I was on my way until the night everything changed. When a stranger at a party abducted me, and turned me into a vampire. After I woke up, covered in blood, a dying man beside me. Now my dreams are gone. The only option left for me is to hide, so I don’t put anyone else at risk. ETHAN It was just supposed to be a quick nighttime walk, heading home after another boring work event. Until I saw the woman in danger. When I rushed in to save her, I never expected my life to change so dramatically. She’s keeping secrets, scared of something, but I’ll convince her to trust me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, and I’m not giving up on her. Not now, not ever. IVY I know I shouldn’t let Ethan in. It’s not safe for him to be with me. But I can’t make myself let him go. He’s cracked open my heart and made his way in. As an unwelcome face from my past resurfaces, I’ll do anything to keep Ethan safe. Even if it means leaving him. I wish things could be different. Is there any way of escaping the danger that follows me, and finding a life with the man I’ve fallen in love with?