Vampire King
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Vampire King by Rowan Hart

Only the desperate make deals with the powerful vampires who rule this city. But I’m all out of options. Ambrose d’Vil is power and sin personified. His savage kingdom is filled with blood and violence. And he's my last hope. Only Ambrose can save my best friend's life. But the vampire king demands a high price. I’m his for the next three months. In a single moment my boring human life vanishes. He draws me into his dark and secret world of vampire lords, wicked delights, and blood magic. He demands my blood, my obedience, and my passion. But he’ll never have my heart, no matter the games he plays. If I want out, I’m given an impossible choice: Lose my best friend or lose my soul. Vampire King is the first book in a steamy, gritty paranormal mafia romance series. There are no cliffhangers, and can be read on its own. Be advised the content may not be suitable for all ages.