Until My Heart Silents
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Until My Heart Silents by Marcio N. Amaral

In the mid-eighteenth century, Heliodora was born during an Atlantic crossing. Of Portuguese descent, her family faced repercussions for settling in Brazil. Subjected to persecution by unscrupulous individuals, they were coerced, vilified, and entangled in a conspiracy that resulted in the patriarch's bankruptcy and demoralization, leading to disastrous and fateful consequences. A new chapter commenced with Heliodora's initiative, driven by determination and enterprising spirit, as she built the largest rural empire of her time. She shattered paradigms, confronted her tormentors without mercy, and held them accountable. During her epic journey, she encountered a formidable rival, giving rise to unimaginable situations in an era where the law was influenced by favors, arbitrary forces, and the aristocracy. Heliodora lived each day of her life intensely, defending her achievements and fiercely rejecting any encroachment upon her domains.