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Unmatched by Emilia Reed

If you find your husband on a cheating app, don’t get mad—schedule a hookup.
When Lydia Richie discovers her husband's profile on Unmatched—a "dating" app for married people—her world comes crashing down. Seven years in, their commitment to one another has never wavered, but maybe a few other things have...including the amount of time they spend in the bedroom.
All Anton wants is for Lydia to make as much time for them as she does for her job, but when his efforts to rekindle their romance are met with apathy and outright rejection, he turns to Unmatched hoping someone out there wants him. And it seems like someone does when a sexy stranger proposes an illicit hookup...
Little does Anton know Lydia is behind the profile he's been messaging, and when they finally meet at a hotel, things definitely heat up—just not the way either of them expects. Will this hookup be the end of their marriage, or could it mean a second chance?