Too Mean To Die

Deal Date: 06-10-2019


What happens after the 'Happily Ever After'?

That's what my husband and I were finding out.

A year ago, my life had changed forever when I crossed pathes with Coyle - the towering, tattooed biker boss of the Knuckleheads Motorcycle Club - America's most notorious vigilante biker gang.

Coyle took my innocence, my heart, and helped me grow from a frightened little girl into a tough, capable woman - and I discovered excitment and steamy pleasures I'd never even imagined along the way.

But now Coyle and I are trying to settle into a quiet life in Washington state - with two horses in the yard, and a baby on the way. Those days of action, adventure and intrigue are behind us...


Only: How far behind us?

Because late one night, at my impromptu baby shower, the phone rings and the life we'd thought we'd left behind lands right back on our doorstep - guns blazing, engines revving, and life and death on the line.

Our past has come back to kill us - and the question is: Do Coyle and I still have what it takes to survive?


For fifteen years, I was the big, bad biker boss of The Knuckleheads Motorcycle Club.

Then, on a suicide mission in Mexico, I met the love of my life - Izzie - and a cause worth dying for became something worth living for, instead.

But can a rolling stone ever settle down? And after surviving so many years of fist-fights, gun-battles and high-speed chases, why does it feel like retirement's going to be the death of me, instead?

I don't know. All I do know is that when the phone rings late at night, and my old buddy from the FBI warns: "They're coming to kill you," it's like pulling on a comfortable, old pair of boots.

Izzie and I fell in love in the midst of chaos, danger and bloodshed.

I've got a feeling making it through tonight is going to be like falling in love all over again.

by Simone Scarlet
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