Tight Rope
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Tight Rope by Al Masters

The Beauty of Youth and the Allure of Power Meet in the Middle for a Twist of Bondage A 30,000-word male/male BDSM romance. The anniversary edition with a new cover! Handsome, youthful, muscular Ralph Walter has caught the attention of powerful, wealthy, and very hot David Gordon, the twenty-nine-year-old millionaire and owner of Gordon Tire Company. When Ralph goes to work for Mr. Gordon, Ralph’s already strange life grows even more bizarre, and he finds Mr. Gordon so mesmerizing that Ralph’s various and sundry tics grow even more noticeable when he’s around him. Meet David Gordon Mr. Gordon has been looking for a man like Ralph for a long time. After all, Ralph is smart, boyishly handsome, and obedient—to a point. Those limits on Ralph’s obedience, however, are actually what Mr. Gordon finds so smoldering about Ralph. But Mr. Gordon’s romantic intentions for Ralph are less… mainstream than many might expect. The only question now for Mr. Gordon is whether Ralph will be obedient enough to let himself get tied up and subjected to the naughty bondage games that Mr. Gordon has in store for him. And Meet Ralph Walter Ralph has just graduated from high school, and he has just turned eighteen. Options are limited for this quirky young man with marginal grades and no marketable skills, so it’s a shock when he receives not one, but two, offers to solve his entire life. The first offer is to work for Mr. Gordon. The second is to destroy him. Let the Dance Begin Now that Ralph and Mr. Gordon are aware of their desire for one another and have begun the games of courtship, they each realize that as hot as their attraction for one another is, there is far more at stake than mere lust or even true and eternal love. Ralph’s gamble is which of his two life-changing offers he will accept—and what he must risk based on that decision. But Mr. Gordon has a few secrets of his own, and there are even those among the two men who appear innocent—but whom no one should trust. In Tight Rope you will learn whether these two men can find lasting love and satisfy their kinky desires for male/male bondage or if powers greater than either of them will succeed at tearing them apart. Find out what happens in Tight Rope, the first book in the Restrained Desire Trilogy.