There’s Something about Scarlett
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There’s Something about Scarlett by Hannah Ellis


Three years of marriage, then they’ll go their separate ways…

Scarlett Mercer dreams of starting her own publishing company. But with no way to finance university, she might be stuck working in her aunt’s café indefinitely.

When a chance encounter leads her to an extreme solution, she’s desperate enough to go through with it. Even if it means marrying a guy she’s only just met.  

What she doesn’t factor into her plans is how easily she gets overwhelmed. Soon, she’s struggling to navigate university life while living with a guy she barely knows.

Meanwhile, Fraser Graham is trying to figure out what it is about Scarlett that mesmerised him so much that he agreed to marry her.

When he realises what it is that makes her so different to anyone he’s ever met, the revelation leaves him reeling …

Will Scarlett manage to fulfil her dreams? And as sparks begin to fly, will their marriage end up being more than just convenient?

While this is the eighth book in the Hope Cove series it can also be enjoyed as a standalone novel