The Widower’s Mail-Order Bargain
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The Widower’s Mail-Order Bargain by Karla Gracey

Is it really possible to choose a loveless marriage… Or is it true that love really does conquer all? After Jonas lost his wife, he swore he would never marry again, but unless he does, he fears his in-laws will never let him have custody of his son, Teddy, again. The only course of action is to find a new bride… so he advertises for one, making it clear that although he can offer her a good home and a stable life, he will never be able to love her. That suits Geraldine just fine. She’s also recently widowed, and her husband’s family is refusing to honor her rights to his fortune – if she remarries, she’s certain they won’t be able to deny her new husband’s claim. Neither Jonas nor Geraldine is planning to fall in love… This is an arrangement to make both their lives easier, nothing more. But their connection is undeniable – even if neither of them is willing to admit it to the other. As soon as the papers are signed, their focus is on getting Teddy back and securing Geraldine’s inheritance… But of course, nothing is that simple. Soon there are much higher stakes, and their energies must not just be focused on integrating Teddy into their new family… but on finding him and bringing him safely back to Eagle Creek. Perhaps if Geraldine and Jonas hadn’t fallen in love for real, nothing beyond Teddy and Geraldine’s inheritance would matter… But solving the issues they started out with will never be enough now that their feelings for one another are true. Will they ever be brave enough to be honest with each other, or is their relationship doomed to live on the surface forever? Step into the thrilling drama of Eagle Creek life, and fall in love with a romance that may never truly be spoken… unless both parties can finally admit the truth of their feelings. Lose yourself in a romance no one will admit to, and watch as the story unfolds: Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.