The Weenie Book: Train Your Son to Pee in the Potty: The Pee Pee Guide (The Weenie Book Series 2)
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The Weenie Book: Train Your Son to Pee in the Potty: The Pee Pee Guide (The Weenie Book Series 2) by D.T. Carter

Does your son stand up to pee? Does he often make a mess while peeing? Hint: Just because he stands up to pee doesn’t mean he has to make a mess in the bathroom. It also doesn’t mean that he needs to sit down to pee, and it doesn’t mean that he or you need to allow him to feel bad for standing up to pee. Tired of your son being put down because he is a boy? Or being made to feel bad because he sometimes pees outside of the toilet bowl? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably feel you are without a solution, but… What if there was something that could help you teach your son to: •pee in the toilet while standing? •not make any messes or clean up after himself if he makes a mess? •and finally stop being made to feel bad? The good news is, the “Pee Pee Guide” will help you do all of this and much more. Sadly, when society, and a lot of the instructional materials out there, are telling little boys to “sit down to pee” The Pee Pee Guide is different. Its goal is to teach your son to be confident in the bathroom, to stand up to pee if he wants to, but also to be responsible while doing so. Let’s get something straight… standing up to pee doesn’t make masculine, and sitting down to pee doesn’t mean you’re feminine. But in this world, where our little boys are systematically feminized… standing up to pee is one thing that separates the boys from the girls. The Pee Pee Guide is great for both moms and dads. For moms, it will: ✓Give you the opportunity to discuss what can be a difficult topic. ✓Help you teach your son how to be responsible in the bathroom. ✓and help you, even as a mom, instill in your son masculinity. ✓It may even cut down on your need to clean your bathroom so often. ✓AND if you’re a single mom, this may be the exact tool you need to assist in the absence of a father. For dads it: ✓Is a humorous story that will help you bond together with your son. ✓encourages you both to be more responsible in the bathroom. ✓Provides you the opportunity to take part in instruction that is normally left for mom. Along with the book, you’ll also get access to a free poster you can print out and hang on the bathroom wall as a reminder and guide for your son to be more responsible in the bathroom. Bonding with your son, the confidence you will instill in him, and the cleaner bathrooms are priceless and worth many times the cost of this book. Download The Weenie Book, “The Pee Pee Guide” today while you still can. It is impossible to say how much longer this book will be available as “The Woke” continues to get their way.