The Vampire’s Fate
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The Vampire’s Fate by Zara Novak

Ivy Morgan has spent her entire life keeping her mysterious magical abilities secret. Now she wants to find out what she is and where she comes from. Traveling north to follow a rumor, she finds her life in the balance of dark entities infesting the forest. Death is imminent, until a mysterious savior with bright red eyes appears from the shadows. Christian Howell is a powerful vampire, driven only by the desire to carry out his work as a demon hunter. Determined to keep the town safe, he has neglected the search for his mate, but when fate brings a mysterious girl named Ivy into his life, he can’t help but take notice. She’s beautiful, feisty, and unlike any girl he’s ever seen before. Temptation beats deep. Can he resist his inner darkness? Thanks to a new threat the forest has never been more dangerous, and as luck would have it, Ivy is the only person that can help Christian fight back against the forces of darkness. Fate forces the duo together in mysterious ways, and before they know it, they are trapped in a white-knuckle adventure to destroy evil, all while they reconcile their own feelings for one another. Christian has destroyed many powerful enemies, but now the vampire is pitted against the tiny human that is his mate, he suddenly finds he is out of his depth. Can the pair survive against the forces of evil long enough to secure their own fates? Only time will tell. * The Vampire’s Fate is Book 6 in ‘Tales of Vampires’. It has its own standalone plot and can be read on its own. Like all my books it is action-packed, hot, and a full-length novel with a HEA!