The Scourge of Black Isle
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The Scourge of Black Isle by Keira Montclair

A true love that cannot be. The open road has tempted Padraig Grant his whole life. He’s not suited for life in the lists, training warriors for the battlefield. His calling is somewhere over the next hill. Or maybe it’s right in front of him, in the alluring form of Gisela Matheson. If only she weren’t already betrothed to Donald MacKinnie, the Scourge of Black Isle. Gisela remembers when Donald was courteous and honorable. But the man has changed, turning cruel and possessive. Even if her life hadn’t been thrown into chaos by the Matheson Curse, she wouldn’t want to become his bride. Padraig, on the other hand…well, he’s one she can’t get enough of. He brings light to her world, and she might think about marrying him, if he didn’t have a wanderer’s soul. Marrying another would solve her problem with Donald, though. Driven by jealousy, Donald issues an ultimatum: Either Padraig leaves Black Isle and Gisela, or innocents die. Padraig must choose between leaving his true love to save lives or stay and protect her and see more people hurt. Suddenly the distant horizon isn’t quite so tempting. But staying might be worse.