The Sand Between Us: Hidden In The Heart – Book 1
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The Sand Between Us: Hidden In The Heart – Book 1 by Ronnie Williamson


Country music superstar Clayton Meyers and entrepreneur Kate Meyers, may seem like they have everything they ever wanted: fame, riches, and the lifestyle to match. From the outside, they do. Their life in Nashville looks like paradise.

But in reality, their relationship has gone cold. Like ships passing in the night, they now live like strangers, questioning whether the other cares anymore. With both Clayton and Kate passionately pursuing busy careers, the years of striving individually have left them successful, but divided. What once was a marriage of romance, passion, and dedication is now anything but.

Which forces Clayton to wonder, “Dear God, how’d we get here? How’d this get so broken? Is there hope?”

Is it possible to rediscover the journey they once were on, a path now hidden beneath the sands of time? Will there be enough desire for either to rekindle a smoldering ember back into a flame? Or has their relationship run its course?

The struggle brings Kate to secretly seek a divorce, but she has one caveat. He must feel what she has felt and know what he’s losing, before she leaves him.

Then, out of the blue, a long lost friend unexpectedly shows up with a proposition, giving Clayton and Kate both the opportunity to visit an exotic getaway destination. Will it simply bring some much needed R and R, maybe add potential to serve Kate’s caveat, or will it be something incredibly different?

The Sand Between Us is the first installment of an inspirational romance series, centered on faith, hope, and relationships, which tells the gripping love story of a romance that has slipped away. What will a couple do—or not do—to adjust their sails in order to find their way home again?