The Room to the West
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The Room to the West by Lauren Biel


Sometimes to go forward, you must go back.

So what if I’m jaded? No one ever asks me how I feel, anyway. They just use me.

My clients call me Hannah. I’m an escort, but I refuse to work in a brothel. I always followed the law until I strolled alongside the lawless. I never wanted to be with a man until I met this one. What business do I have with someone over a century my senior? What could we possibly have in common? Everything and nothing at all.

Weston’s dark and brewing eyes make me forget we’re from two different eras. His past bites at our heels, and he will kill again for me.

The rugged and desolate Old West is no place for me. For either of us.
How can I choose between him and my old life? How much am I willing to give up for the only man who’s ever seen my soul?

The Room to the West is the second novel from Lauren Biel, author of Shoot Down the Stars.

This book is recommended for readers 18+ due to adult themes. Please see the copyright page for the content advisory information or head to for a comprehensive list.

"Dark romance meets Louis L'Amour. A unique time travel romance that had you walking through the wild west with all your senses aflame." - Ann-Marie Davis, author of the Moreno Mafia series