The Renovation
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The Renovation by Elke Feuer

How can a board of director’s seat cause so much trouble? To acquire her inheritance and a seat on the board of her family’s business, Sharon Donavan must find a husband, a ridiculous tradition she’s not interested in. She’s earned the respect of being on the board, but no one wants her to take a seat. As bad as her workday is, at least she can go home and stare at the cute guy renovating her bathroom. Danny Stanley's only plan is to finish this job and move on, but the warm and caring woman peeking out from beneath her cool business exterior surprises him, along with their chemistry. Their relationship escalates when he becomes her bodyguard and then unexpectedly her fiancé. When did his life get so complicated? Everything is going perfectly until her father drops a bomb: the small print in the contract. As Sharon contemplates the changes, people in her family are dying, and she wonders if everything she’s worked for is worth risking her life. Sharon and Danny must work to keep her from becoming another tragic headline as their relationship becomes more than just a business arrangement. A fake dating relationship, opposites attract, arranged marriage, employee boss mystery romance, HEA romance.