The Princess and the Amish Pauper (The Amish Fairytale Series Book 3)
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The Princess and the Amish Pauper (The Amish Fairytale Series Book 3) by Ashley Emma

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Arabella and Damaris look like identical twins, but their lives couldn't be more different. One is an heiress from Germany who is about to inherit a multi-million-dollar bakery, and one is an Amish baker from Maine. What happens when they secretly switch places? In order to get away from the pressure of inheriting her family's company, Arabella Blackwood escapes to the Amish community of Unity, Maine, hoping for some peace and quiet before beginning her new life. Her parents want her to marry the awkward son of their biggest competitor, Stefan Castle, which would save their business and pay off their debts. In Unity, Arabella meets Damaris Kauffman, a baker who looks exactly like her. Damaris longs to travel to Europe, but her Amish community bans flying on airplanes. Arabella and Damaris decide to secretly switch places temporarily, thinking that no one will get hurt. Damaris gets to travel to Germany on the paid vacation of a lifetime. All she has to do is pretend to be Arabella and spend time with Stefan Castle before the wedding. Arabella stays in Unity and pretends to be Damaris, taking on all of her chores without electricity, even though she grew up with maids and chefs catering to her. And she’s never gone more than a day without her cell phone or internet. What could possibly go wrong?