The Masterson County Collection: Masterson County Books 1 Thru 4
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The Masterson County Collection: Masterson County Books 1 Thru 4 by Calle J. Brookes


Masterson, Wyoming is no exception.

When the Masterson brothers meet the redheaded Tyler sisters, anything can happen. But can the brothers stop the threats coming for them all?

Seeking the Sheriff, Sheriff Joel Masterson shows up on Phoebe Tyler's doorstep with her drunken younger brother in tow. Joel takes one look at Phoebe and falls hard and fast. Probably faster than he should! But when his current investigation gets too close to Phoebe and her family, Joel will have to act even faster. Before the men wanting revenge on her family take Phoebe away forever...
Discovering the Doctor, quiet veterinarian Matt Masterson knows he needs to take things slowly with the sweet, shy, wounded Pip Tyler. She has secrets in her past that cause soul-deep hurts, and the last thing he wants to do is rush her. He's willing to go as slow as she needs—he knows she's the woman meant for him, and he'll wait as long as it takes. But another man's obsession for Pip might destroy them both first...
Ruining the Rancher, rancher Levi Masterson has always been successful at everything he's ever tried. He's used to acting fast. He takes one look at Pandora Tyler and knows this redheaded trouble-maker is his soul-mate. Only problem is, Pandora isn't so convinced! And she's a bit more than Levi, with all his schemes and plans, could ever prepare for. But someone else wants Levi, and she's doing some scheming of her own. She's going to get him... even if it means getting that upstart maid Pandora Tyler out of the way... Permanently.
Denying the Devil, Dr. Nate Masterson has had a real thing for nurse Persephone Tyler from the moment they first met. Long before his brothers fell so hard for her sisters. But the way they snapped and snarled at each other told him one thing—these enemies should definitely not become lovers. All of that changes when a young child needs them both to protect her and he and Perci are forced to put aside their differences for that little girl. But someone with a grudge against the Mastersons and the Tylers is focused on Perci now. And Nate is the only one standing between her and the threat. There is nothing Nate won't do to protect his fiery little enemy now...

The Masterson County series is a small-town, western romantic suspense series of stand alone novels and novellas. Masterson County books contain scenes of violence, action/adventure, occasional dark criminal behavior, cursing—especially by villains, a few mild-to-moderate love scenes, and references to subject matter that may distress some readers. The Masterson County books contain the same level of descriptive content as a typical crime drama on network television—but good always wins out in the end, guaranteed.