The Master’s Child Box Set One
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The Master’s Child Box Set One by Simone Leigh

From Nothing to Having a Fierce, Loving Family The Triad and The Couple The Triad: Once she had nothing. Now, Charlotte is living with her two husbands: Michael, her ‘Golden Lover’ and James, her Master. And she is expecting James’ child. The Couple: Richard Haswell, Billionaire Dom, and Beth, once the hotel maid, now his wife, and also the ‘second wife’ of Michael. The Triad and the Couple are drawing ever closer in their polyamorous marriage. Charlotte’s father, the trafficker, slaver and ex-mercenary, Klempner, has reached an understanding with James. He will stay away and allow them to live their own lives. Life is close to perfect. What could possibly go wrong? A BDSM Ménage Erotic Thriller ***** Includes 'Target' - 'The Master's Child' Part One WINNER OF THE Reader-Voted #BestBook Award From the ‘Inks & Scratches’ Summer Splash This Box Set Contains the following previously published titles: Target Ransom Hostage Total Approx 105,000 Words