The Hostage Bargain (The Bank Robbers Book 1)
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The Hostage Bargain (The Bank Robbers Book 1) by Annika Martin


"I'm hopelessly addicted. I don't even care. I love these guys." ~Goodreads

I was a small-town girl trapped in a desperate situation...until three hot bank robbers took me hostage.

True, I'd always dreamed of escaping that place, but not quite like that.

Then I found out about their rules. These guys have more rules than a grammar class! But unlike grammar class, their rules are shockingly spicy. And super exciting to memorize.

Except I'm never supposed to ask their real names. Or where they're from, or why they lead this life.
And we can never, ever think about tomorrow.

And every night I go to sleep wishing this didn't have to end.
"So dirty and omfg so funny! I wanted it to last forever!" ~Night Reader Reviews

"I heart this gang like crazy! I hope she never stops writing these books!"~Goodreads

Named a "Best book of the year" at Penelope Romance Reviews & A Buckeye Girl Reads & Nominated for Year's Best by The Romance Reviews
The Bank Robbers (read in order)
1. The Hostage Bargain

2. The Wrong Idea
3. The Deeper Game

4. The Most Wanted

5. The Hard Way

6. The Best Trick