The Highwayman Incident: A time-travel romance (Witching Well Book 1)
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The Highwayman Incident: A time-travel romance (Witching Well Book 1) by Kristy Tate

If only the hands of time could be turned in our favor… Celia Quinn's business lies in ruins at the hands of Jason West, the latest in a long line of scoundrels. As she seeks to restore her family's livelihood, Celia stumbles upon the Witching Well legend, whose water is said to cause hysteria and psychosis. When a mysterious stranger slips Celia water from the well into her drink, she’s transported to Regency England. Her timeless adventure spans miles and centuries from modern-day New England to Merlin's Cave in Cornwall, England. Only Jason West can save her. But Celia and Jason must tread carefully, as what happens in the past can reverberate through the ages. Their lives, hearts, and futures are caught in time’s slippery hands. The Highwayman Incident is the first book in USA Today bestselling author Kristy Tate’s Witching Well series. Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander who love time travel and yet enjoy clean and wholesome romance will love the Witching Well series. If you’re looking to be swept away in a Regency romance, read The Highwayman Incident today. But don’t accept water from a stranger, especially when traveling in New England.