The Heiress
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The Heiress by Alexis Anne

A world of billionaires, outlaw MCs, and the childhood sweethearts stuck at the center of it all. When Victoria Stroman went missing it made headlines. “Baby Victoria” became the most notorious kidnapping in modern history. The only daughter of the ultra rich and famous Roark-Stroman family was never ransomed and never found. Until my parents died and I received a letter from beyond the grave confessing something I thought impossible. I was Baby Victoria. The one silver lining in it all was the return of my childhood best friend, Jace Malone. Now a prominent member of an outlaw motorcycle club, Devil’s Wrath, he’s still the sweet boy I grew up with, even if he is much more dangerous. Which is perfect, because if news gets out that Baby Victoria has been found, I’ll need a dangerous friend at my side.