The Gypsy
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The Gypsy by T.J. Jones

A Mass Shooting, an FBI coverup, and a wealthy madman with his own militia and a political hitlist. Adam Cain is caught in the middle with only one person to trust: the mysterious woman that calls herself "The Gypsy". She has all the answers, and a hit list of her own. Adam Cain: Big, dangerous, and recently single. An Army Ranger until they asked him to leave. The Gypsy: Beautiful, deadly, and skilled in the art of combat. One step ahead of the FBI and two steps ahead of the men who are trying to hunt her down. "Maybe she doesn't have to fight alone." All Cain wanted that night was to have a few beers with his best friend. Forget about the Army, forget about Afghanistan, and forget that his latest girlfriend had just walked out on him. Then a beautiful woman sat down next to him at the bar, smelling of exotic perfume and talking about second chances. Just when he thought his luck might have changed, four men walked into the club and started shooting people. "Totally taken by surprise. My favorite kind of romance. Demure and understated, yet explosive...blood, guts, gore, sweet, tender, honest, and good solid reading! Oh, and the right people finally fall for the right mates." "Incredible! Well written, poignant, and completely relevant to what's going on in this country today." "Fantastic, suspenseful read. I couldn't put it down!" "A thriller, a low key romance, and the ending is a killer. No pun intended. You have to read this book! "Great characters, fast paced, kept me up all night." "Excellent read! The process of each scene is like pages of pictures." "I've been looking for a book like this one for a very long time!" "Loved, loved the characters and the plot line. I could just picture myself with a giant bucket of buttered popcorn in front of a large screen seeing this come to life." "Thrilling! First time read of T.J. Jones, and it will not be the last. Highly recommend."