The Duke’s Sword (The Duke’s Guard Book 1)
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The Duke’s Sword (The Duke’s Guard Book 1) by C.H. Admirand


Gwendolyn guards her bruised and battered heart like a warrior…Patrick O’Malley has no time for distractions…

The Duke of Wyndmere’s quest to find a nanny for his newborn twins brings yet another applicant to his door. Widowed Gwendolyn Alexander's reputation precedes her as one of the most sought-after nannies among the 

Patrick O’Malley, head of the duke’s personal guard, hopes this latest applicant will meet with the approval of the most difficult members of the duke’s family…his twin babes. Nothing prepares him for the physical reaction that slams into him as the petite woman, dressed in drab peat-brown from head to toe, steps down from the duke’s carriage. Her Irish whiskey-colored eyes hold him captive, while her voluptuous curves have his breath snagging in his lungs as unbidden images slam into him of 
tangled sheets…flickering firelight, and silky brown tresses spread across the white of his pillow.

Gwendolyn Alexander anticipates her reputation preceding her as she alights from the duke’s carriage. She steps down from the carriage to thank the footman for his assistance, and her gaze collides with an impossibly handsome, broad-shouldered man, garbed in black from head to toe. Desire flickers in eyes the color of polished emeralds, reminding her of Beltane fires, drawing her inexorably toward him.

When Gwendolyn and Patrick find themselves at cross purposes protecting the little ones from threats of kidnapping, they must learn to compromise and work together before the kidnapper strikes again!

Will they walk away or face the fire of desire that threatens to consume them?

The Duke's Guard
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