The Doctor’s Secret
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The Doctor’s Secret by Sofia T Summers

Keeping a secret for over a decade killed me inside... until a silver fox billionaire forced me to confront it. I was made to give up my son for adoption when I was only 16. Seeing him again in my office with his dad made me shiver to my core. I loved my boy. It was clear that Jace did too. It broke my heart to see Christopher in pain and struggling with a medical condition that only I could help him with. As his doctor, I had to maintain my boundaries. And I certainly had to keep my distance from Jace. But holding hands during those late nights at the hospital led to decisions that could ruin my medical career. The excitement of being in Jace’s arms would have to compete with the life I’d built for myself. This new and shaky beginning rested on one secret I could tell no one. Especially not Jace. Christopher was my son. He was our son. But did that matter if we could never, in fact, be a real family?