The Doctor
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The Doctor by E. L. Todd

A story of intense attraction, love, friendship, and undeniable heat, from New York Times bestselling author E.L. Todd, who has sold millions of books worldwide. Pepper can’t deny the sparks between herself and Finn, but he’s her ex’s brother, which means he’s forbidden... My husband left me—for a man. After five years of marriage, he told me the truth—that he’s gay. I didn’t see it coming, never noticed the signs. I thought we would be together forever, grow old together. The truth hit me like a freight train—and destroyed my self-confidence. Colton may not be my husband anymore, but he’ll always be my best friend. After months of space and a finalized divorce, I move across the hall and we have a new relationship as friends. Just when my life starts to feel normal—Finn walks in the door. He’s Colton’s older brother, a trauma physician in the military that’s just left his service and relocated to Seattle to work as an ER doctor. He moves in with Colton for a couple of weeks until he gets his new place. His entire body is covered in tattoos, and I know this because he never wears a shirt around the apartment. The guy is ripped, starts every morning with a hundred push-ups right in the middle of the living room. Anytime we’re alone together…the tension is suffocating. He stares at me across the table, and even when I catch his stare he keeps looking. With every passing day, it’s harder to be around him, this unspoken heat burning between us. I finally crack under the pressure. “Do—do you feel this too?” He stares with those coffee-colored eyes, his confidence as strong as a steel bar. “Yes.” Finn is my ex brother-in-law, completely off-limits, but I’ve never wanted anyone more in my life. Pick up the first installment of this forbidden romance series now by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page. This military romance is also available in Kindle Unlimited!