Texas Rough (Texas Soul Book 1)
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Texas Rough (Texas Soul Book 1) by Samuel York

Everything in Texas is bigger, even lust.

Lane Daniels wants to kiss is boss, Gresh Hamilton Miller the third. The problem, he lives in Texas working as a ranch foreman, and nothing spells trouble like being gay in Texas.

Gresh wants more from Lane than his ability to handle livestock, he wants it all. Lane won’t give him the time of day so he forces the issue, setting up a date that Lane believes to be a business meeting. Alone together, Lane and Gresh ignite in a flash of passion.

But trouble isn’t far away. The new doctor in town, Riley, sets his sights on Lane. Riley chases hard, insinuating himself into Lane’s life, highlighting Gresh’s faults. But Gresh won’t give up without a fight. Will Lane and Gresh be able to survive the intrusion, or will Riley be the one walking away with Lane's heart?

*Previously published under a different author name.