Tempt Her
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Tempt Her by Kelly Finley

Behind every good woman are three men ready to tempt her. I’ve snapped the necks of evil men already — but there’s one I never got to, and he took the most from me. So when a blonde beauty queen opens the door with tears in her eyes, heads are gonna roll. But I have my orders. I’m just here to paint the walls, not save a snobby seductress from a cruel man. Except my men have other plans… With Luke and Mateo’s blood rushing south, I’m the only one thinking clearly. Getting involved with a senator’s wife would screw us all sideways. Ain’t it my luck…that’s exactly what they want. Although they know how to tempt me, loss is the only truth I know — and for years, Luke and Mateo have been the one good thing in my life, and my bed. But this woman isn’t just looking for romance; she wants revenge. And you can resist Stacey Evans like you can resist gravity. You’ll fall for her no matter what. From the “Queen of Spice,” author Kelly Finley, comes an all-new steamy standalone that will burn your cheeks and pages. Tempt Her is a multi-POV, why choose, revenge romance with a HEA all will crave.