Teeth and Tarot
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Teeth and Tarot by A.A. Fairview

"It's not my fault, I tell myself. Daily affirmation. Unfortunately." I fled the comforts of my wealthy, witch family a decade ago. I like to think I've settled into a human existence; clubs, hookups, early morning coffee runs... And the nightmares could always be worse. But I find myself drawn to this stud, this guy at my local coffee spot, who just feels too good to be true. But a one-night stand can't hurt. Right? Like a curse I can't escape, I'm back in the world I fought so hard to leave. Witches, gangs, and werewolves abound. Nevermind that stud went and got himself bitten by a werewolf. I'm bad at letting go, at just forgetting. I don't want to forget this guy... Even if that puts us both in danger. Teeth and Tarot is the first book in the le Fay Romance series following a family of witches, though the books can be read as stand alone. Teeth and Tarot features a witch and werewolf relationship between two men. This book contains sexual content not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.