Surprise Pregnancy for Villain
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Surprise Pregnancy for Villain by Kathilee Riley

ACCIDENTALLY GOT THE ENEMY PREGNANT. When our eyes first met at that nightclub, I claimed her. My clan needs an heir, and I’ve chosen her as my bride. She just doesn’t know it yet. The shadows mask my every move as I follow her, watching, waiting to make my move. Until I find out who she is, that she had no business being in that club. She’s not the typical rich, college girl. Forbidden, that’s what she is. Her body still remains pure, untouched by any man, preserved for a special reason. And protected by the other side of the mafia. She’s my family’s worst enemy’s daughter. Which means there will be bloodshed if I take her. Lives will be ruined. Mafia empires will be destroyed. But I’m already too far gone, too invested, too hellbent on getting what I want. Buckle up, my sweet princess. I’m coming for you.