Stalk You
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Stalk You by Teresa Wolf

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"She has started another series off with a bang!" Her auburn hair still falls perfectly on her shoulders, her clothes hugging all the right places. Her smile still sends shivers up and down my spine. I can still remember how her lips feel on mine, my entire body, my entire being. She is a shell of the girl I dated in college, down on her luck and still looking for her place in the world. But she’s still my princess, my goddess, my Bridgette. I’ve always been hers. I’ve always been here — sitting, waiting, biding my time. I still get feverish dreams of her beside me, looking at me lovingly and devouring every inch of my skin. She doesn’t know I’ve been following her all these years, making sure she’s safe. It won’t be long until my plans fall into place. It won’t be long until she’s mine again... “Stalk You” is a dark stalker romance story that will leave you breathless, heart pounding, skin crawling — eyes never leaving the page.