Source Awakening
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Source Awakening by Tracey Canole


Goliath changed everything—more than Reena realized. Can she survive it?

When a piece of the rogue planet Goliath enters the atmosphere, Reena Novak knows the world will never be the same. Taking shelter from falling debris, her group is coated in the mysterious ash trailing Goliath. But it’s not just an ash. When it touches the skin, it transforms and absorbs in, a tingling sensation left in its path.

As Reena readies for the trip to find her family, new concerns build when she starts seeing things she can’t explain–images of an ethereal swirling liquid and ever-changing landscapes. They haunt her, just like the power developing within her. It isn’t until her best friend, Jaxson, saves her life with new abilities that she realizes she’s not the only one changed by the ash. What are these powers and why do they only appear in some?

Meeting a stranger with powers both like and unlike hers, Reena finds herself drawn to him. Her instincts tell her she was supposed to meet him, but why? When a common link, the Source, is discovered, Reena makes the decision to head towards it. She must figure out what’s happening to them and, more importantly, protect the Source from those who wish to use it for personal gain.

What is it and why is it calling to her?

SOURCE AWAKENING is a post-apocalyptic, YA Science Fiction novel. This coming of age story will take readers on an adventure filled with romance, strong familial ties, and unexpected abilities.