Something Right: A Small Town Second Chance Romance (The Blisswood Brothers Book 1)
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Something Right: A Small Town Second Chance Romance (The Blisswood Brothers Book 1) by Evey Lyon


Grayson Blisswood has his heart set on proving to his first love (who is now a single mom and his new neighbor) that their second chance may just be something right...

It wasn’t in my plan to take care of my teenage sister, but with our parents now gone, I move back to the town I left 12 years ago to do just that. My sister is full of attitude and doesn’t miss the opportunity to remind me that I’ve traded off my corporate office for small-town antics or that Brooke Rivers, of all women, is living next door with an adorable three-year-old kid who may just wrap me around her finger—the kid, I mean… okay, the mom too.

But it’s complicated.

It involves a weekend way back, in a bed Brooke and I never left—the memory of me hurting her, and the moment Brooke got her chance to hurt me too. In her head, she’s built a giant wall between us. In my mind, I’m determined to tear it down. And as luck would have it, I need her cookies for the high school bake sale, and she needs my skills at putting together her daughter’s new playhouse. Soon we are exchanging favors, and even better, our clothes are ending up on the floor in the process.

But she’s adamant that there is too much at stake for us. And when a twist of fate hits us, unexpectedly revealing a secret, I’m beginning to think that she may be right, or just maybe what she and I have may finally be something right…

Grayson Blisswood will make you swoon in this second chance novel set in small-town Midwest. This is book one in the interconnected Blisswood Brothers series but can be read as a standalone. The series follows the brothers as they run their family winery & farm, the Olive Owl, and find romance along the way.