Solstice Moon
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Solstice Moon by Abby Rice

“A romantic time travel story with a Solstice twist. An unexpected time leap (courtesy of a bit of Solstice magic) brings a woman the love she’d thought was impossible -- but will she stay more than a century in the past?” Who needs a man in their life? I don’t. I’ve thrown myself into my job as a docent at the historic Danforth Ranch -- leading tours in a delightfully swishy Victorian costume, regaling tourists with true tales of Carson Valley in the 1880s. Everything’s fine, with the possible exception of my heart. Which I’ve stuffed firmly in a box marked “Do not open.” Until -- an ancient mirror, a special photo, and a bit of Solstice magic sweep me back in time. Instead of facing off with a tour group in the parlor of the historic mansion, I’m suddenly face-to-face with the real Josiah Danforth. A widower who thinks I’m there to apply for a job as his housekeeper. With life in the 21st Century now in my past – his future – I’m forced to play a role I never trained for. Whipping up dinner on a wood-fueled cookstove? Check. Battling a homicidal rooster? Check. Laundry sans electricity? Let’s just say I’ll never take microwaves or hot showers for granted again. If I ever do find a way back to my own century. The undeniable attraction brewing between me and Josiah has worked its own brand of sweet magic. Not to mention warm hugs from his motherless little girls. But I already know from history exactly how Josiah’s story will play out – after tragically losing his first wife, he’s destined to remain a bachelor forever. So what future could we possibly build together? Even if that impenetrable box around my heart is as long-gone as my last real manicure. I just need to figure out the magic of reversing the Solstice’s charm. And when I do, there’s no way I’m staying put in 1885. Or is there? Josiah's special brand of magic just might change my mind. Author's Note: Charity and Josiah’s story is a clean, swoony time-travel romance with a hard-muscled, wood-chopping rancher hero; a feisty, tackle-anything heroine, and a slow burn dilemma that forces them both to stretch for their sweet, satisfying happily-ever-after. "Three-dimensional characters I found myself rooting for." "I was hooked by chapter 3. I didn't stop reading until I had finished it." "I would love to read more of this series." "Found it hard to put down." "Who doesn't enjoy a good, swoony hero? You can feel their emotion as well as their chemistry."