Smolder: A Steamy Firefighter Romance (MetroGen Forbidden Love Duets Book 1)
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Smolder: A Steamy Firefighter Romance (MetroGen Forbidden Love Duets Book 1) by Carina Alyce


Kissing her fire chief boss was the BEST BAD idea ever.

Firefighter Erin Hudgens was ten seconds from living out her 'trapped in a supply closet with a hot guy who would perform acts of unspeakable pleasure to her willing body.'

Oh, no, that sexy guy is her no-nonsense fire chief, Noah Baker, who just put her firehouse on probation. Kissable as he may be, he’s not in play and is treating her with kid gloves, lest they succumb to temptation and take their mutual attraction further . . . even if it's spontaneous combustion hot.

But after one kiss, the gloves and the clothes come OFF . . .

WARNING: This steamy romance starts out as slow burn and may lead to actual smoldering when you get hot and bothered after it ends in a HFA since the sexiness continues to a second book. You should only read if you wish Grey's Anatomy and Chicago Fire featured a shirtless fire chief who can paralyze you with the power of his eyes . . . and abs.

PS . . . the author admits without shame she's not above parodying your most loved and hated medical and fire TV show tropes (like random characters getting their own nonsensical spin-offs) and turning them upside down, sideways, and chaining them to a bedframe so true fans can revel in all the inside jokes.

Author note: A section of Part 1 was published as Ignition but has since been re-edited and more than doubled in size.