Smoky Mountain K-9
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Smoky Mountain K-9 by Ashley A Quinn

For Mara Roth, too many memories and reminders of what was and what would never be haunted her after her husband’s death. Needing space, she packed up and moved east to North Carolina. Fast-forward three years and time has blunted the pain. With a push from her friends, she reenters the dating world in dramatic fashion at a Valentine’s bachelor auction. From the moment K-9 deputy Carter Townsend walks out on the stage, her body takes notice, waking up to sing for the first time in years. But is she really ready to put her heart out there again? Carter only volunteered for the Valentine’s bachelor auction because it benefitted a wonderful cause. He figured he’d show some woman a great evening doing something fun, then never see her again. But Mara surprises him and makes him want a life he never dreamed of having. But the happiness they’ve discovered is threatened when the past comes back to haunt them. Can a love they never imagined conquer a threat from the past?