Romancing the Billionaire
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Romancing the Billionaire by Fern Fraser


 A dare, a lie, and a vacation fling that just might lead to a forever kind of love ♥


I'm on vacay at a writers' retreat with my besties, and after a few too many drinks, I blurt my secret. Despite writing super-hot romance books or a living, I don’t have any real-life experience. Lucky for me, the super-hot groundskeeper at the mountain resort is just the man to help me solve my 'V-card problem.'


I run the show at Big Bear Lodge Mountain resort, yet when a too-young-for-me guest assumes I'm an employee, I can't bring myself to correct her. After a passionate night in each other's arms, we both want more. Emmy values honesty more than anything, and our relationship began based on a lie. If I want to make her mine, I’ll need to come clean, but will she forgive me when she finds out who I am?

Steamy, sweet love at first sight, age-gap romance between a secret billionaire philanthropist and a sassy, curvy girl. No cheating, no cliff hanger and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.