Rohan Rekindled
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Rohan Rekindled by Dylan Reece

Five years ago, wolf shifter Dr. Rohan Holt walked away from his human fated mate to save him from scandal. Haunted by grief and guilt, he doesn’t believe he’ll ever see his former student, Mars McCauley, again… Until Mars stumbles into small-town Darlington with a career-ending injury. Caring for the star athlete is Rohan’s purpose, and there’s only one way to rescue the omega—trigger an unrelenting heat and claim him with a mating bite. Mars has been searching for Rohan since college—for the only alpha he’s ever wanted to bond with. When his injury sends him back into Rohan’s arms, he readily accepts the bite and everything that comes with it. Even becoming a shifter. But Mars is the golden omega of basketball with a championship to win. His public persona has no room for a handsome older husband, let alone a litter of pups. Rohan will do anything for Mars, but he can’t bear the thought of losing him again. Spicy phone calls and weekend visits make their secret long-distance relationship bearable until a threat from their past reappears. Mars needs protection—and so does Darlington. Torn between safety and happiness, and with the odds stacked against them, is their fated bond truly unbreakable? Rohan Rekindled is the third book in the Darlington Pack series. It can be read as a standalone novel, but it expands on storylines and characters introduced in earlier books. The first portion of Rohan Rekindled runs parallel to Book 2: Atlas’s Accident, but it is an independent story. This book features an age-gap second chance romance, long-distance yearning, first shift cuteness, locker room hijinks, close-knit pack dynamics, more pups than Darlington has ever seen. And a guaranteed happily ever after.