Rock My World: Mystery Romance – Book One

Rock My World: Mystery Romance – Book One by Lucia Jordan

Will Sophie find a way to resist the sheer force of Jared’s presence and keep to her task of filming the investigation? And what will happen when Jared’s past comes back to haunt him and Sophie? Sophie Lauren has achieved a whole lot of success in life. Her achievements as a young videographer have turned into owning her own film studio—the Lauren Studio. And part of owning her own studio means that she’s able to pick the jobs she takes on. So when Jared Beltran—creator and host of the famous ghost-hunting television show—gets in touch with her, her initial impulse is to pass. She’s never been much of a believer in all that hocus-pocus anyway. Still, she agrees to take a meeting with him. After all, from what she’s seen on television, he’s nothing close to hard on the eyes. In person, Jared turns out to be even more gorgeous than Sophie had imagined. She’s instantly, and intensely, attracted to him and the way he composes himself—with charm, with confidence, with dominant, sexual energy. The instant attraction is mutual, and by the end of their meeting, Sophie will agree to much more than just filming Jared’s investigation.