Rich & Sexy
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Rich & Sexy by Sass Green

A dreamy Paris to NYC flight. Champagne kisses in a first-class seat. Will this dream burst when the wheels hit the tarmac? After a gut-wrenching rejection from the most important man in my life, I stand sobbing and numb while boarding the flight from Paris to Manhattan. A handsome stranger cheers me up, makes me laugh, and invites me to sit next to him in the first-class section. Our fingers brush. Sparks fly. We share soul-shaking kisses at 37,000 feet. But after we land, his sleek limousine whisks him away. Will I ever see him again? When I report to Russo Industries for my internship, it turns out I had canoodled my way overseas with Tony Russo, my new billionaire CEO boss. Office gossip reveals he's a possessive male with a secret. Digging, I find the gorgeous heir to the Russo dynasty sworn off long-term relationships after the tragic death of his first love. That's why they call him "the iceberg." But I felt a thunderbolt connection with him as we kissed. I sense he felt it too. Can I be the one to melt his frozen heart? "Enjoy this spicy age-gap forbidden romance today."