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Revenge by Jasmine Haynes

All-business Jessica Murphy has a bad case of the hots for her sexy boss. To CFO Clay Blackwell, his gorgeous accounting manager is undeniably off limits. But as their passion heats up, they’re about to break all the rules. Tough but fair, Clay Blackwell never acts on impulse, especially not with a woman who works for him. Not even if there are a few cracks in his home life. After all, he has rules to live by. By night, Jessica Murphy lets her fantasies about her impossibly tempting boss run wild. By day, she’s the consummate professional, always playing by the rules. Rule #1: Don’t sleep with your boss. Rule #2: Don’t seduce a coworker. Rule #3: Never poach on another woman’s territory. And Clay’s live-in girlfriend just happens to work at the same company. But the rules no longer apply the night Jessica works late and catches Clay’s girlfriend getting wild with a coworker right on Clay’s desk. Now it’s time to throw out the employee handbook and save her boss from his heartless lover. Because there’s always Rule #4: Never let a good man be ruined by an undeserving woman. “Had me hooked from the very first page!” “Simply delicious!”