Remember the Passion
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Remember the Passion by Lynn Eldridge

A tale of two brothers and the women they love ferociously. In the heart of Louisiana, two brothers, Blaze and Shade Bowie, find themselves facing a dire situation. Their ancestral plantation and timberland are slipping through their fingers, and to make matters worse, they are wrongly accused of causing a local woman's death. Determined to fight for their birthright, Blaze embarks on a journey to Texas in search of their cousin, Jim Bowie, and a long-lost secret that holds the key to saving their land. As foreclosure looms and danger surrounds them, the Bowie brothers set out for the Alamo, where destiny awaits. At the same time, a young woman named Noelle Charbonnez struggles to survive in a tiny hut near the Alamo. Her dying mother's last wish is for Noelle to return to her estranged grandmother in Natchez. Rumors suggest that an old friend who once lived across the Mississippi River from them might now be in Texas, and Noelle is to seek his help. Too bad she carries a deep mistrust of the Bowies and vows never to befriend, let alone travel with them. But fate intervenes when the dashing Blaze crosses paths with the beautiful Noelle, and their worlds collide in ways they never imagined. Navigating their feelings for each other, Blaze and Noelle must confront old grudges, face new fears, and find a way to save the Bowie brothers' land—if they ever hope to love and laugh again. In a story of love, courage, and redemption, Blaze and Noelle must confront the challenges that lie ahead and find the strength to love and laugh again amidst the chaos of a changing world.