Reign To Ruin
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Reign To Ruin by Zoey Ellis

A corrupt king. A desperate spy. A cat-and-mouse game of sinful ruin. From the highest seat of power, King Malloron rules over his corrupt kingdom, content with the chaos he has sown. But secretly, he searches for the one thing that will make him the longest-serving king in the history of his land: an omega. When he discovers a one, hiding in plain sight, he sets a plan in motion. Defiant and beautiful, she is a perfect prey, and he strikes a degrading deal to force her into the dark depths of his needs. But she ignites a fiery passion that threatens his control. Omega spy, Amara, knows better than to be at the mercy of King Malloron; a handsome, charming, master manipulator. But her mission to gain access to his hidden chamber must be completed, at any cost. Even if it means allowing him to take his pleasure as he chooses. Even if his touch ignites a primal connection between them that she cannot ignore. Determined to survive him, Amara fights the carnal hold he has over her, but each encounter strips away the cat-and-mouse facade between them. Until only obsession, betrayal, and primal devastation is left. Buy now and jump straight into this captivating, angsty journey. For fans of faithful alpha anti-heroes and battle-of-wits romances. Cliffhanger included however this series is complete. Includes dark romance situations. See author website for full warnings