Reconnected Hearts
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Reconnected Hearts by Lola Lockhart

She despises him. He finds her insufferable. But in a twist of fate, their lives collide, and they are forced to cross paths, once again. Lucy Marino's day is already off to a rocky start as she reluctantly jets off to her father's third wedding. To make matters worse, she finds herself seated next to none other than Noah Laurier—her college rival, the guy who made her life a living hell. Noah, with his boyish curls and infuriating smirk, is under more pressure than anyone realizes. On his way to a life-changing interview, the last thing he needs is his old class rival bickering with him the entire flight. When a series of unfortunate events leaves them stuck sharing a hotel room, Lucy and Noah must confront their complicated past and the undeniable sparks flying between them. As they begin to let their guards down, animosity gives way to an unexpected connection, ensnaring them in a passionate dance neither anticipated. But with so much history and pride standing in their way, can they learn to trust each other and take a second chance at love? Get ready to go on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery as Lucy and Noah navigate the thin line between love and hate. This short but unforgettable enemies-to-lovers romance will have you laughing, crying, and rooting for their happily ever after from start to finish, all within a quick and easy, fun read! The perfect beach read 2024.