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Reckoning by Shelby Gunter

Vigilantes. Black widows. Femmes fatales. We’ve gone by many names, but our goal has remained the same: exact justice for those whom the system has failed. Myself included. Except I’m not looking for justice. I’ve sacrificed many things to find the men who murdered the love of my life. Friendships, careers, relationships… all left behind in the name of revenge. That is, until I’m given a second chance at love, and I have to make a choice: Share my secrets with the former Navy SEAL who understands me better than anyone, or continue on my path alone. The thing about my SEAL is, he won’t let me go it alone. And the closer I get to my day of reckoning, the more I’ll need his help to make it out alive. **Author Note: This is book one in The Shadow Series. Please find TWs listed at**